My Services

I am happy to offer a free no obligation visit to discuss you and your pets individual needs. 

Dog Walking

For the daily walks your dog will be collected in my car to take him/her to the area that we will be walking that day. I try and vary where we go to give the dogs some variety. Your dog will then be able to run and have fun with the other dogs for the full time of their allocated walk.  Once we return home I will make sure your dogs paws are wiped if they are muddy or wet, and I will leave them with fresh water. I will then fill in their daily diary so you are fully aware of what they have been up to and let you know of any pictures that I have taken on the walk that day. 

I only ever walk small groups of dogs and I will always pick up after your dog.

Please make sure that your dog has up to date vaccinations and that he/she is free from fleas and has been wormed. 

Please let me know in the initial consultation if your dog has any particular problems or worries

For insurance purposes written consent must be obtained before pets are excercised off the lead.

Dog Day Care

I also offer dog day care where I will collect your dog from your home in the morning around 9am and bring them to my home. They will be taken on a walk in the morning and another in the afternoon and will be able to play with the other dogs while they are in my home. They will then be dropped home around 5pm.

Pop In Puppy Service

For young puppies I would be happy to arrange house visits until they are old enough to go out on longer group walks.

I would be able to visit your home to either play and keep your puppy company indoors, or let them out in the garden or take them out for a short walk outdoors and feed them and ensure their water is topped up.

I would  usually recommend this service twice a day while the puppy is still young but I am happy to work around you and your puppy.

Older Dog Service

As your beloved dog begins to age, this does not mean they should stop having some of the happiest years of their life. 

Older dogs may need to go outside more often that young dogs and they may start having accidents in the home. If your work or other commitments mean you are out longer during the day, I can come to your home during the day to let your dog out and give him/her some exercise. I can clean up any little accidents when I am there and also let them out in the Garden or take them on a  short walk.

Cat and Small Domestic Animal Sitting 

Having had cats in the past that were put into a Cattery when I was away I understand that some cats do not like being taken away from their home environment. 

I can visit your cat once or twice a day and ensure that your cat is fed, has fresh water,  a clean litter tray and is happy & healthy. I will also give your cat lots of love and attention and would treat them like I would my own cats. 

Other small family pets, rabbits, degu, chinchilla, fish, mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, birds etc can also be looked after in the same way.

 If your pet is not on my list or you have something a bit more exotic please give me a call as I would love to help you if I can. 

As well as small animal care I can also bring in your mail, put out your bins,  water your plants if desired.  I can also send you an e mail or text at intervals that you decide to let you know how your pet is doing while you are away.